About the Artist

Kathy Cosgrove

Bead Embroidery Jewelry Designer
and Ceramic Focal Bead Artist

Kathy Cosgrove was born in Haleyville, Alabama and studied Fine Arts at Barat College in Lake Forest, Illinois. Art has been a part of Kathy’s life as long as she can remember. Her first accomplished piece (well it was an accomplishment in her eyes) was in the second grade. Her teacher recognized her talent in one of her drawings and took great pride in hanging it on the classroom wall the whole year, which fueled Kathy’s passion for art.

Kathy currently works in her studio with emphases on bead embroidery jewelry using her own handcrafted ceramic focal beads. Her love for unique and interesting art with an edge, along with texture and nature, is reflected in her work.

While Kathy has worked in oil painting and watercolor, she found her calling in beads and clay. Kathy’s ceramic focal beads series, “From Clay Comes Beauty”, was a 2013 finalist in the BeadDreams competition at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Her philosophy is simple, “art, in any form, is the exploration of ones own soul”.

Kathy currently lives in Arbor Vitae, WI with her furbabies - Gabby, Tala and Kippy.

Contact Info:  kc@misbeadhaving.com


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